A variety of hemp-infused teas for every mood and enjoyment.  Everyone of our teas has been designed by herbalists for a perfect blend of organic herbs to give the desired affect.  The herbs are organic and grown in Bucks County Pennsylvania.  The tea is placed in unbleached tea bags and sealed in a air tight pouch to maximize freshness.  The hemp is double tested and approved for use in the USA. Each bag contains two grams of tea and 10 mg of hemp to make one 8 oz cup of brewed tea.

Calming Thoughts is  blend of Tulsi basil, Spearmint, Anise hyssop, hemp.

Energy Life is a blend of herbs in the tea are lemon verbena, lemon balm and goldenrod.

Sleep Spell is a  blend of herbs in the tea are Chamomille, Milky oats, Passion flower and Lavender.

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Calming Thoughts Herbal Tea

Naturally find your inner peace with Doc Rico's Calming Thoughts Herbal Tea

Energy Life Herbal Tea

Naturally increase your energy level with Doc Rico's Energy Life Herbal Tea

Sleep Spell Herbal Tea

Naturally count sheep with Doc Rico's Sleep Spell Herbal Tea